I thought this was so nice


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ghyn said: dklafd i would give a lot to go back to college honestly

omg I’m trying to escape although where I am now is very nice. I’m so over it though lmfao so over itttttt.

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ghyn replied to your post:AVOIDING LIFE.
boredddddddddd with my life. ready for the next step tbh

I feel you. I’m still stuck in College land and I’m already over the fact that I’m still getting through this -___-

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this is why brain isn’t the main character…

omg my childhood bff and I love love love this episode.

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So I’ve been living life, here’s the shortcut through my photos of the last few weeks. 


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where have you been all my life

EVERYWHERE BUT HERE. omg how are youuuu?!

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damn bruh

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So I’ve been on vacation for 3 weeks, THREE WEEKS and I’m finally home. Now I’m sitting here like what the actual fuck do I do now? I start school in 2 weeks and I’m ready but I’m not.

This would also be the moment where I mention that my degree will be in Human Rights with a minor in Ethnic Studies and now everyone keeps asking me if I’m going to go to Law School. I have no intention to go to law school but we’ll see when we reach that point. My adviser is so thrilled by me that she actually took 15 mins raving about how she wishes I were in her classes this semester, maybe next I can make her dreams come true. I can’t believe how fast time is going now. I can’t breathe.

I’m hungry yo, super hungry and it’s now so late that I’m like whatever I’ll just wait until the morning (the struggle). 

I’m back to posting like a maniac on instagram, feel free to follow my not so exciting but looks exciting life there. Also I’m overly active on twitter and guess what is back? FOOTBALL. Porto all day every day.

I should go and eat I guess. Hope everyone is good! 

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I’ve been traveling for the last 2 weeks and now I’m getting on a plane to Atlanta tonight. Jesus Christ I miss sleeping in my own bed. Went to orientation for school today too. 

My life is busy.

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stanley park by maxmanning
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In Portofino and in this hotel history and imagination, fiction and news have always lived side by side.

(via Italian Ways | Portofino’s Hotel Splendido)

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